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If only this was a socially acceptable way to deal with assholes in the world today…

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"asexuals can and often do enjoy sex, attraction and libido are different!" yea that’s nice, but let’s not ignore the fact that the majority of aces ARE sex-aversive. like can we pls not make the ace community as sex normative as literally every other single fucking community out there. can we please.

Anonymous sent: I understand what you mean. Your situation indeed sounds complicated. If I could I would help. I'll think about it for a while, maybe something will come to my mind that might help you. Sooner or later you'll most likely find a solution anyway.

I can’t even put into words how much that means to me, I’m truly grateful, whether something comes to your mind or not!


what am i gonna be for halloween???? an emotional wreck probably

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Anonymous sent: I don't think your wish sounds rough, after all there are reasons for it. Do you have plans on moving out anytime soon? Also it sounds like your week was not too bad since you managed to go grocery shopping, that's great! (You shouldn't devalue those things, personally I think those are amazing achievements.) However what's not great is that you've been stressed out about things so I hope that will change and that you'll feel better soon.

Nothing concrete, no. I wish this were the case. But this whole situation is a bit complicated, like, I need to get a job to be able to afford my own flat, but to be able to get a job I need to get better (in terms of my mental health) and to get better I need to move out, which I can’t fucking do unless I get a job and make my own money. You feel me? I’m definitely not saying that everything will suddenly be alright when I’m not living here anymore, I’m not that naive, I’m not blaming my mother for my issues, but I know for sure that this environment is toxic for me and my recovery and that I would have a better chance at getting healthy enough to function (comparatively) normal if I could eradicate this constant negativity and live on my own instead. I have honestly no idea how I’m supposed to get out of this quandary (not 100% sure if that’s the right term, I hope you know what I mean).

You’re right, I shouldn’t do that, it’s just that I tend to devalue those things when it comes to myself since it’s so normal for most other people… but I’ll try to be more proud of achievements like that. 

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! That and that you take the time to talk to me and ask me about my life in general, you’re lovely.

The problem with using your body to express your pain, is that most people are so distracted by your physical distress, they fail to notice the deep suffering of your soul, from which it all emanates.

Anonymous sent: How was your week? And how's the weekend?

Again, thank you for asking, whether you are the same person who asked me about my current biggest wish or not. That’s really kind of you!

Well, it could have been better but it also could’ve been worse, so I guess it was okay. Nothing worth mentioning, to be honest. I’m kinda stressed out because of some issues with my family and because it has been hard to drag myself out of bed and stuff, but considering that I even managed to go out for some grocery shopping last tuesday I guess I’m doing okay at handling it right now. Apart from that nothing happened, I catched up on some animes and uh… yeah, that’s it, actually. I don’t know, I don’t really do anything most of the time. I tried to read a book but I couldn’t concentrate, unfortunately. I may get back to that another day. The weekend was/is basically the same as the rest of the week, apart from the fact that I downloaded the rom for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue team and have been playing it since then. Not very exciting, I know. 

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Anonymous sent: What do you wish for the most at the moment?

That might sound a bit rough, but literally my biggest wish right now would be to move out. Living here, living with my mother, is just getting me down and putting me under additional stress and I really don’t need this. 

Thank you for asking, I really appreciate it! 

i lost my motivation in life the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once


"what kind of anime do you like?"

  • gay
  • psychologically damaging
  • the fate of the world is at stake


Shinya Kougami everyone.


Why is mentally falling apart not a good enough ‘excuse’ to stay home from school? I can’t focus, I want to die, sorry I don’t want to learn calculus right now.


you can’t spell weaboo without “we”. we’re all in this together, you fucking nerds

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